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Is it possible buying pepe to make you a millionaire?
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Explore near The Grand Palace: Where to Stay, Eat, and Visit
• The symbol of Bangkok's dynasty and a favorite destination for tourists.
• The Siamese-style palace complex brings together the best of Thai painting, sculpture and decorative arts.
• Don’t miss taking a photo with the Royal Guards in their white uniforms.
Popular for gorgeous architecture
Magnificent and glittering gold
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Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
Wat Arun is a prominent Buddhist temple located along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok Yai District. It is one of the few temples that remain from Thailand’s Chakri dynasty. The temple’s most distinctive feature is the central Khmer-style tower. Glazed porcelain tiles and seashells cover the exterior, giving the entire complex a brilliant shine, particularly in the early morning light. For many years Wat Arun housed the famous Emerald Buddha, before it was moved to Wat Phra Kaew in 1785. As one of Bangkok’s beloved temples, this is certainly an attraction visitors won’t want to miss.
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SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
A comprehensive ocean-themed scenic spot that integrates exploring the mysterious ocean, visiting marine life exhibitions, and popularizing ocean science knowledge.
Here you can enjoy 30,000 marine creatures, spanning more than 400 marine species.
There are 6 In the theme exhibition area, not only can you enjoy all kinds of rare marine animals, but you can also interact closely and appreciate the marine ecology up close.
Here you can see tropical rainforest creatures such as Asian small-clawed otters, fishhook ants, and green-crowned lizards
Meet our so cute gentoo penguins
【Rainforest Adventure】Step out of the ocean into the rainforest ad experience life beneath the tropical treetops, where rainforest rivers meander between tree roots and trunks and are home to many strange and wonderful creatures.
【Shark Walk】Spotting shark walk is fun and adventurous, giving you the chance to walk with sharks while learning fascinating facts about them.
【Coral Reefs】There are about 450 species of underwater creatures, and you can also take a glass boat and dive into the oversized pool to appreciate the ecological beauty from another angle.
【Ocean Tunnels】Don’t miss visiting our SEA LIFE Bangkok highlight area. Here is our spectacular underwater tunnel. Please immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean while walking. You will be surrounded by a variety of underwater creatures, such as Sharks, manta rays and schools of fish.
【Penguin Ice Playground】Whether they are swimming or just waddling arun, you can't help falling in love with them. In an area covered with ice, snow and cold wind, you will feel like you are traveling on the Antarctic continent.
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#LestieHotel #HengshanRoad #Xujiahui #Shanghai #asia #iconicplaces #travelguides #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #entertainment #movies #attractions
Property Description
Opened: 2018
Renovated: 2019
Number of Rooms: 302
Mehood Lestie hotel (Shanghai xujiahui hengshan road flagship store) is located in the center of Shanghai , Jianguo west road , near the Hengshan road ; It is only a few steps away from Xujiahui , the bustling commercial center of Shanghai , and close to Xujiahui park . Green trees make shade , noisy in quiet . The hotel is conveniently located , about 5 minutes walking distance to Hengshan road station of metro line1 , Shanghai Zhongshan hospital , international maternity and infant hospital , etc . all located near the hotel , Shanghai Jiaotong university , about 1 km away from the hotel , within walking distance.
The hotel has 300 guest rooms of various kinds , modern and simple,classical and fashionable , exquisite and elegant guest rooms , all decorated with luxury materials and natural wood . The hotel is equipped with meeting rooms , Chinese restaurant , cafeteria , coffee bar , book bar and other complete supporting facilities , which is more suitable for business travel needs . In addition , the hotel also provides more than 60 parking ****** es , bringing more convenience to travel.
Hotel overall contracted fashion decoration style , so that your body and mind in the tension , high rhythm of the work , enjoy a quiet and elegant city . Mehood Lestie hotel , China city resort hotel , a hotel do not want to leave home to stay.
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#disneysea #TourTokyo #urayaso #tokyo #japan #asia #iconicplaces #travelguides #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #entertainment #movies #attractions #themepark #LostRiverDelta #MermaidLagoon #MysteriousIsland
Tokyo DisneySea Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
How to enter Tokyo DisneySea's new theme park, Dream Springs
To enter Fantasy Springs, in addition to the park tickets, you must also hold a reservation waiting card (Complimentary) or a Disney Privilege Card (charged) for the amusement facilities in Fantasy Springs.
Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park inspired by various stories and legends related to the ocean. At the seven themed harbors in the park, you can experience and enjoy a variety of amusement rides and entertainment performances full of adventure and creativity!
・Lost River Delta: Explore the mysterious and dangerous temples on the Caribbean coast of Central America and uncover the ancient jungle legends.

・Port Discovery: A future port that transcends time and ***** e.
・American Seaside: New York Harbor and Cape Cod in the early 20th century are recreated here, with different styles and a nostalgic atmosphere.
・Arabian Coast: Let’s experience the world of “Arabian Nights” full of mystery and magic!
・Mermaid Lagoon: The happy underwater kingdom of the Little Mermaid and her friends.
・Myserious Island: A secret base full of surprises deep in the active volcano. The door to adventure is hidden inside, and the mysterious genius scientist Captain Nemo will take you on a journey.
・Mediterranean Harbor: a romantic and ancient southern Europeanseaport town. Warm and rustic restaurants are lined up in ros, and the fishing village has beautiful and picturesque scenery. There are also many restaurants and shops on both sides of thecanal..
Toy Story Crazy Playhouse: Did you see Woody’s big mouth? After entering, you will find that you have become the size of a toy. Get under Andy's bed and challenge the toy world shooting game!
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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo is a completely new walk-through entertainment facility where you can experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of the production of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies. In addition to the Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts Express 9 and ¾ tracks, which are popular in the movies, you can enjoy many wonderful sets created by the world's best creators who were actually involved in the movies. Enjoy a number of activities, including riding on a broomstick, drinking a refreshing **** erbeer, and becoming a moving portrait in Hogwarts' moving staircase area. Additionally, there is a shop with a large selection of Studio Tour exclusive products. This is the first Harry Potter facility to open in Asia, and it is one of the largest indoor Harry Potter facilities in the world, and it can take up to four hours to tour the entire facility. Following Studio Tour London in the UK, which has remained difficult to book since its opening in 2012, one of the major attractions of Studio Tour Tokyo is that it has a unique set that can only be seen here.
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The Manila Cathedral Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
The Manila Cathedral was built in 1581 near the Citadel of Santiago and is the main building of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. The church has experienced constant damage from typhoons, earthquakes and wars, and the building is now rebuilt for the sixth time. The weather-beaten Romanesque architecture and elegant dome are quaint. In front of the church is the Plaza de Roma, which used to be the bullring, and next to it is the ruins of the city hall. The carriage will pass by the church from time to time, adding a strong sense of simplicity. Outside the church, the cathedral has a magnificent ornate appearance. Three huge arches are located above the steps. There are six white statues of believers on the front wall, and two lovely little angels and a solemn cross are carved on the top. Before coming to the arch, look carefully, and there are fine patterns carved on the top of the progressive door. Inside the church Walking into the church, the **** ious **** e and golden tones are very grand. A gilded altar, a pipe organ with 4,500 sound pipes, and rosette-shaped windows with delicate stained glass are all worth admiring. There are also three chapels next to the cathedral, whose mosaics are very beautiful. Religious activities Manila Cathedral has regular religious activities such as mass, confession, baptism, etc. If it is just in time, you can watch it quietly from a distance. Wedding services are also provided here, so it is common to encounter newlyweds holding weddings or taking wedding photos here.
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The oldest recognized Chinatown, Binondo's Chinese enclave was documented as early as 1594, though it was already a focal point of Chinese trading when Spanish explorers first arrived in 1521. Start at Binondo Church and follow the savory scents of oranges and sweetmeats, lychees and mooncakes. The area bordered by Ongpin, Quentin Paredes and Gandara Streets offers the heart of Chinatown, where you can browse to your heart's content and pick up noodles, yellow Chinese gold, and mysterious remedies for illnesses you may not have known you had.
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#ManilaOceanPark #metromanila #manila #philippines #asia #iconicplaces #travelguides #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #entertainment #nightattractions #nature
• Bring your loved ones to Manila Ocean Park and make wonderful memories!
• Enjoy a fun adventure and learning journey with 8 amazing projects.
• An educational, interactive and experiential ocean kingdom.
Explore various marine life at Manila Ocean Park
Walking through the winding passages allows you to observe many rare local species up close
Bring unforgettable memories to your trip to the Philippines
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"For the First Time in Forever," immerse yourself fully in the epic world of the beloved "Frozen" films, brought to life before your very eyes!
Guests are invited to explore the kingdom of Arendelle, from a magical musical boat ride to zooming through Arendelle’s picturesque landscape, and Anna and Elsa’s hidden forest hideaway. Indulge yourself in delicious cuisine, pick up unique souvenirs, delve deeper into the story of “Frozen” with enchanting attractions and experiences in day and night!
The nighttime spectacular, “Momentous”, illuminates the night sky with about 20 minutes of music and memorable moments. It reminds us how precious time is, and to cherish every moment with our loved ones.
Standing as a shining beacon of courage, hope and possibility, the Castle of Magical Dreams stands proudly as the new centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland. It is built on 13 classic Disney tales of Princesses and Queens and inspires everyone to dream big.
Are you ready to jump into a whole new Fans-tasy adventure? Duffy and Friends are dressed in their seasonal outfits, and they want to write new stories with you! They love to spend this colorful time surrounded by laughter, smelling the flowers, touching the grass, bouncing around, jumping for joy, and playing wherever and whenever with you! So, let your innocent self out to play wholeheartedly.
If you are a Marvel fan, be sure to join the heroes in defeating the evil forces of Hydra at the highly-rated Iron Man Experience, and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano-Battle!
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The Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Due to its wide view, you can overlook Lantau Island and the panoramic view of Hong Kong. You can also see the layers of skyscrapers and the night view of Victoria Harbor. Combined with the Peak Tower Observation Deck and the Peak Tram, it becomes one of Hong Kong's iconic attractions.
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#TsimShaTsui #hongkong #china #travelguides #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #entertainment #nightattractions #shopping
Tsim Sha Tsui Reviews: Insider Insights and Visitor Experiences
Tsim Sha Tsui is located at the southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. It abuts Victoria Harbour and lies just across the water from Hong Kong Island. Shopping is a major attraction in Tsim Sha Tsui with many luxury brands lining the streets. Attractions include Kowloon Park, the Hong Kong Culture Centre, the Hong Kong **** e Museum, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The areas next to Victoria Harbour offer stunning views of Hong Kong Island and the central business district. Owing to its popularity and location, there is lots to see and do in Tsim Sha Tsui.
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N Seoul Tower Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
• Namsan Mountain, a well-known Korean landmark that has been standing for more than 30 years, and you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Seoul city from the observation tower

• The Lover's Lock Wall is a must-visit place for couples and is also the filming location for many Korean dramas.

• The lighting equipment that changes color according to the seasons allows you to temporarily forget the daily hustle and bustle of the metropolis and fully experience the beauty of Seoul

N Seoul Tower is a major landmark located on top of Namsan Mountain, overlooking a panoramic view of Seoul. It is not only a paradise for Koreans, but also a popular destination for foreign tourists. Under the N Seoul Tower is a wall of locks, where lovers come to hang a lock symbolizing their never-ending love. The French-style revolving restaurant at the tower is a popular spot for a romantic dinner. Another highlight of the N Seoul Tower is the fantastic night view. The lights on the launch tower, observation deck, tower and tower floor are all as magnificent as they are varied, and even change with the weather and seasons.
The classic landmark of Korea-"N Seoul Tower", please enjoy the 360-degree view of Seoul city and experience unforgettable moments!
Leave a message of love and memories between lovers, family members, and friends on the love lock
The Namsan Cable Car is a perfect date place for couples. Take the cable car and have a panoramic view of the scenery of Namsan Mountain and Seoul!
It is a wonderful experience to enjoy American fire-grilled burgers while admiring the beautiful scenery of Seoul.
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Myeong-dong Highlights: Must-See Features and AttractionsMyeong-dong is a well-known commercial district in Korea that combines food and beverage all kinds of entertainment. It includes a wide variety of brand-name stores with small vendors selling small commodities and food on either side of the street. The Myeong-dong Festival is held here in the spring and autumn, as well as the Miss Myeong-dong Pageant, folk games, traditional wedding ceremonies, fashion shows and plenty of other attractions.
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#GyeongbokgungPalace #Seoul #southkorea #travelguides #calligraphy #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #entertainment #culture
Gyeongbokgung Palace Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
Gyeongbokgung Palace is located in a corner of central Seoul, the first palace constructed during the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung features gorgeous scenery all year round, with cherry blossoms in the spring, green trees in summer, ginkgo trees in autumn, and pearly white snow in winter. Korean dramas, such as "Da Jang Geum", "The House of Kings", and "You from the Stars" have all been filmed here. The east side of Gyeongbokgung Palace is Geonchunmun Gate, with Yeongchumun in the west, Sinmumun in the north, and Gwanghwamun in the south. Gwanghwamun Gate is the main entrance to the palace, featuring exquisite craftsmanship, clever architecture, and a magnificent stylistic design. The changing of the guard ceremony is certainly worth a watch.
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Taipei Palace Museum Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions
·Visit the "Treasury of Chinese Culture", and appreciate the collection of Chinese historical artifacts and artistic masterpieces.
·Take a leisurely stroll through Zhishan Garden and Zhide Garden, where you can experience the beauty and tranquility of the gardens.
·The exhibits are regularly changed based on different themes to cater to the exploration of ancient Chinese culture by diverse travelers. Don't miss the chance to appreciate the rich history and artistic traditions of China!
The collection of the museum is rich and diverse, with a large number of items, which can be broadly divided into categories such as bronzes, paintings, ceramics, books, handicrafts and imperial court artifacts.
Visitors can enjoy classic calligraphy and paintings at the museum.
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#TAIPEI101 #Observatory #taipe #taiwan #travelguides #modernarchitecture #observationdecks #nightattractions #sightseeing #tourism #mustsee #innovations #entertainment #shopping
·Take the trip to the observation deck of Taipei 101, where you can overlook the mountains, sea, and the city, experiencing the beauty of Taipei.
·Explore the diverse shopping centers within the building, which can offer you a unique shopping and enertainment experience.
·Do not miss the annual New Year's Eve fireworks display at Taipei 101, along with the various New Year's activities, providing you with a spectacular visual feast!
△ The Taipei 101 building is a landmark of Taiwai, with its unique exterior design blending traditional and modern elements, symbolizing Taiwan's culture and spirit of innovation.
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#ShilinNightMarket #markets #food #taiwan #taipei #asia
Shilin night market. one of the many night market here in Taipei. alot varities of foods! cheap!
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#YanAnHotel #JinganDistrict #Shanghai #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1962
Renovated: 2006
Number of Rooms: 407
The Yan An Hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Yan An Hotel is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Shanghai.
Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 6km from Shanghai Railway Station and 12km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The closest major public transportation, Jing'an Temple Metro Station, is only 600m away. There is no shortage of things to see in the area, with the Yu Garden, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and Huangpu River all nearby.
After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. This Shanghai hotel features parking on site.
Our guests rate this hotel as one of the best hotels for cleanliness. This hotel is the usual choice for a large number of business travelers.
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#NovotelShanghai #Pudong #Chuansha #PudongNewArea #Shanghai #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 2023
Number of Rooms: 244
The Novotel Shanghai Pudong Chuansha is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Shanghai, having been recently opened in 2023.
With Shanghai Pudong International Airport just 14km away and Shanghai Railway Station only 36km away, transportation is very convenient. The closest major public transportation, Chuansha Metro Station, is only 1km away. With multiple attractions nearby including Momchilovtsi Herb Garden, Shanghai Village and Guangming Ecological Park, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied.
After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. This Shanghai hotel features parking on site.
According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families.
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#SiamMandarinaHotel #SamutPrakanProvince #RachaThewa #thailand #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1998
Renovated: 2021
Number of Rooms: 125
Located in Bang Phli (Racha Thewa), Siam Mandarina Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel (Free Shuttle) is within a 10-minute drive of Market Village Suvarnabhumi and Summit Windmill Golf Club. This luxury hotel is 6.6 mi (10.5 km) from Sirindhorn Hospital and 7.7 mi (12.3 km) from Huachiew Chalermprakiet University.
Relax at the full-service spa, where you can enjoy massages. You're sure to appreciate the recreational amenities, including an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Additional features at this hotel include complimentary wireless internet access, concierge services, and an arcade/game room.
Enjoy international cuisine at Crystal Restaurant, a restaurant which features a bar/lounge, or stay in and take advantage of the room service (during limited hours). Buffet breakfasts are available daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM for a fee.
Featured amenities include a business center, limo/town car service, and dry cleaning/laundry services. Event facilities at this hotel consist of a conference center and 4 meeting rooms. A roundtrip airport shuttle is complimentary (available 24 hours).
Make yourself at home in one of the 129 individually decorated guestrooms, featuring refrigerators and LED televisions. Complimentary wireless internet access keeps you connected, and cable programming is available for your entertainment. Private bathrooms with shower/tub combinations feature complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Conveniences include safes and desks, and housekeeping is provided daily.
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#JWMarriottHotel #bangkok #thailand #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1997
Renovated: 2019
Number of Rooms: 411
A stay at JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok places you in the heart of Bangkok, within a 5-minute drive of CentralWorld Shopping Complex and Siam Paragon Mall. This 5-star hotel is 0.9 mi (1.5 km) from Terminal 21 Shopping Mall and 1.2 mi (2 km) from Korean Town.
Pamper yourself with a visit to the spa, which offers massages, body treatments, and facials. If you're looking for recreational opportunities, you'll find a health club, an outdoor pool, and a spa tub. Additional amenities at this hotel include complimentary wireless Internet access, concierge services, and gift shops/newsstands.
Enjoy international cuisine at JW Cafe, one of the hotel's 7 restaurants, or stay in and take advantage of the 24-hour room service. Snacks are also available at the coffee shop/cafe. Relax with a refreshing drink from the poolside bar or one of the 2 bars/lounges. Buffet breakfasts are available daily from 6 AM to 10:30 AM for a fee.
Featured amenities include complimentary wired Internet access, a business center, and limo/town car service. Planning an event in Bangkok? This hotel has facilities measuring 154040 square feet (14311 square meters), including conference **** e. A roundtrip airport shuttle is provided for a surcharge (available 24 hours), and free self parking is available onsite.
Make yourself at home in one of the 441 guestrooms featuring refrigerators and LCD televisions. Your pillowtop bed comes with premium bedding. Complimentary wired and wireless Internet access keeps you connected, and satellite programming provides entertainment. Bathrooms feature separate bathtubs and showers with rainfall showerheads and designer toiletries.
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#Dusitd2 #Samyan #bangkok #thailand #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 2023
Number of Rooms: 179
With a stay at Dusitd2 Samyan Bangkok, you'll be centrally located in Bangkok, within a 5-minute drive of Lumphini Park and MBK Center. This upscale hotel is 0.4 mi (0.7 km) from Chulalongkorn University and 1.5 mi (2.4 km) from Siam Center.
Take advantage of recreation opportunities including an outdoor pool and a 24-hour fitness center. Additional amenities at this hotel include complimentary wireless internet access and concierge services.
Enjoy a meal at the restaurant or snacks in the coffee shop/cafe. The hotel also offers room service (during limited hours). Mingle with other guests at the complimentary reception, held daily. Unwind at the end of the day with a drink at the bar/lounge or the poolside bar. Buffet breakfasts are available daily from 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM for a fee.
Featured amenities include a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, and coffee/tea in a common area. Free self parking is available onsite.
Make yourself at home in one of the 179 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars and Smart televisions. Complimentary wireless internet access keeps you connected, and satellite programming is available for your entertainment. Private bathrooms with bathtubs or showers feature rainfall showerheads and complimentary toiletries. Conveniences include safes and coffee/tea makers, and housekeeping is provided daily.
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#CapitalHotel #DongchengDistrict #Beijing #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1989
Renovated: 2007
Number of Rooms: 588
Capital Hotel is a comprehensive five-star hotel in the central downtown area of Beijing. In the west of the hotel locates the Dongjiaominxiang Alley while in the north locate the Forbidden City and ****** fujing business district. It’s close to many scenic spots including Qianmen and Tiananmen. It is also surrounded by many government agencies and office buildings. With subways and bus stops nearby, the hotel is easily accessible.
Capital Hotel consists of two Towers. Tower A was open in 1989 and Tower B in 2007. Upon the completion of the Hotel Exterior Upgrading in May, 2018, Capital Hotel features landscaped gardens with traditional Chinese cultural ingredients including exquisite bridges, waterfalls and pavilions in the city center. The total green area reaches more than 5000㎡, not only brings diverse delights with elegant environment but also makes the guests stay more convenient.
While providing high-quality services, Capital Hotel has been strictly implementing the local epidemic prevention requirements, strengthening the prevention and control measures for everyone who enters the hotel, such as wearing masks, temperature detection, checking Health-kit, comprehensive cleaning and sterilization, regular nucleic acid testing for raw materials and personnel, keeping safe distance for meetings and banquets, so as to make your stay more safe and pleasant.
With prime location, state of the art facilities, regular epidemic prevention and control measures, capital hotel makes it a safe, comfortable and professional place for leisure, business and conferences.
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#TongpaiHotel #NewWorldCentre #Beijing #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1999
Renovated: 2019
Number of Rooms: 300
The hotel is located in the central business district of Beijing, near the Chongwenmen Metro Station of Metro Line 2 and Line 5, and is surrounded by Tongren Hospital, Beijing Hospital, and Union Hospital. The hotel is adjacent to famous tourist attractions such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, **** fujing, Tiantan Park, Hongqiao Pearl Market, etc. It is an integrated building with the New World Shopping Center, which can directly reach the interior of the shopping mall through the 5th floor of the hotel. Center, entertainment, dining, shopping, commercial facilities are readily available.
The hotel adheres to the brand essence of "fashion, enjoyment, and fun", bringing people the original experience of the same school, and adding cool highlights to people's travel and life. More creative gameplay and cross-border interaction are waiting for you to check in!
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#JinglunHotel #ChaoyangDistrict #Beijing #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Property Description
Opened: 1984
Renovated: 2006
Number of Rooms: 601
The Jinglun Hotel (Beijing Jinglun Fandian) is located near Tian'anmen Square, metro lines one and ten, and is only a 25-minute drive from Beijing Capital International Airport.This Beijing hotel has various types of standard, deluxe, business rooms and suites that each come with satellite TVs, mini-bars, refrigerators and safes. At the on-site restaurants guests can choose from a variety of Chinese, Western, ****** anese and South East Asian cuisines.The Jinglun Hotel has a ****** ious and gorgeous banquet hall can host all kinds of banquets, weddings and meetings for up to 300 people. Business travelers can take advantage of the business center and the hotel's the state-of-the-art meeting and conference facilities for their events and conferences.Guests can spend their free time lounging in the indoor swimming pool, relaxing in the sauna or using the fitness facilities.
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#Hamptonhotel #Foshan #Guangdong #SanShan #NewTown #china #top #hotels #luxuary Hampton by Hilton Foshan Sanlong Bay
Property Description
Opened: 2021
Number of Rooms: 165
Welcome to Hampton by Hilton Foshan SanLong Bay, where we understand modern business travelers need to be productive, inspired and restored during their stay. The Hotel is conveniently located at Sanshan New Town, which is the heart of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Sanlong Bay Hi-tech Innovation Zone, the large-scale luxury outlets-Florentia Village is next to the hotel.
Our hotel is also close to multiple transition hubs; 10 minutes to Guangzhou South Railway Station, 50 minutes to Hong Kong West Kowloon, 45 minutes to Zhuhai Gongbei Port. We are also close to Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong Paradise and Chimelong Water Park. Area attractions include Pingzhou Jade Street, scenic Wenhan Lake Park and Sanshan Forest Park. From the hotel, you'll find it easy to travel throughout the area via public transportation and city taxis. Hampton by Hilton Sanlong Bay features 165 rooms and suites decorated eye-catching walls with Italian-style architecture. The hotel boasts 960 square meters of flexible meeting ****** e across 5 meeting rooms. Our 400-square-meter ballroom can accommodate up to 380 people. Renew your body with a workout at our modern Fitness Center. Wake up yourself to the finest buffet breakfast at our signature restaurant. Hampton by Hilton Foshan Sanlong Bay aims to make business and leisure travel work a truly productive and premium experience. We look forward to seeingProperty Descriptionhttps://prf.hn/l/eOo0oZP
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#SanlongwanYunXiHotel #Guangzhou #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Sanlongwan YunXi Hotel (Guangzhou South Railway Station)
Property Description
Opened: 2019
Number of Rooms: 141
The Sanlongwan YunXi Hotel (Guangzhou South Railway Station) provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Sanlongwan YunXi Hotel (Guangzhou South Railway Station) is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Foshan.
The hotel is only 7km from Guangzhou South Railway Station and 25km from Foshan Shadi Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options.
This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. This Foshan hotel provides parking on site.
According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. For guests traveling on business, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices.
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#MeihaoLizhiHotel #GuangzhouTower #PazhouConventionExhibitionCenter #china #top #hotels #luxuary
Meihao Lizhi Hotel (Guangzhou Tower Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center)